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30 Nisan 2013 tarihinde yayınlandı. Gösterim: 2277

Conference: The Role of Cultural Heritage Protection of Women and the Family
Speaker    : Nurten CECELİ ALKAN
Location   : Museum of Archaeology Kaman-Kalehöyük
Date          : 05/09/2013
Time         : 14:00

The aim of conference  which is organized by the idea of learning the cultural values and giving importance to museums contributing to the social education in accordance with the environment they have been shaped in, as issued public programs, is to express that these activities are not only for the elite part of the society on the contrary they are the
 the activities of society itself and encourage the families to visit the museums and make them adopt the historical values.

About the speaker:

She was born in 1958 in Ankara. She completed her primary and secondary education at TED Ankara College and graduated from Ankara University in 1991. Now she is the general founder CEO of an educational institution in Ankara. Since 1994,ALKAN who held seminars about many concepts ıncluding family and women  both  in Turkey and abroad, has got many publications about the subject.

Because of her contributions to Women's Education,she has been awarded by the Department of the Ankara Metropolitan as the Teacher of the Year  in International Women's Day in 2003.