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                      In 2016, The renewal Project of the Exhibition at Kalehöyük Archaeological Museum was carried out by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate For Cultural Heritage and Museums, and was cooperate with Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology.

This project was supported by following organizations (in alphabetical order).


Turkhis Airlines



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June 3, 2013 Kaman Kalehoyuk Archaeological Museum project will be the closing reception.

Time : 14:30




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Ladies’ Day:

Meetings are held in our museum once a month under the name of Ladies’ Day so that the ladies who live in our region can learn the history and cultural values of the place where they live in the best and accurate way. 

The contents of these meetings are as follows:

* Ladies are given information on the importance and history of the territories they live in in terms of archeology.

* Information is given on the ruin places of Kaman Kalehöyük, Kırşehir Yassıhöyük and Kırıkkale Büklükale from which there are artifacts available in the museum.    

* Information is given on the museum and the innovations this museum brought to the understanding of museology.   

* A museum tour is given.  

* Information is given on the role that families have played and will play in transmitting the cultural heritage. 

* Ladies are explained that the biggest role in transmitting our cultural heritage to the future belongs to them. 

* At the end of the program, an environment of mingling is provided through a coctail hour and then the program is ended.

Volunteer Program:

Among our goals is to make volunteer system, which is not implemented in the museums in our country, active in our museum for the first time with this project.

Our purpose is to make people feel a part of the museum through the investments they make voluntarily.  

The volunteer system was implemented in our museum for the first time in the area of education.  Many training sessions given in this area are offered by volunteer trainers.  

We are making the volunteer system active in other areas and all the required areas as much as the laws permit.  

How can I apply?

Those who want to become a volunteer can fill out the volunteer form online or by coming to our museum in person and they can activate their volunteer status.

Add Volunteer application form, Turkish and English

Municipalities Day

People of all ages can acquire the habit of going to museums through education. This requires museums to organize educational programs for schools, families and the people of the surrounding areas.

 When we take into account the things said by the ladies on the Ladies’ Day and by the visitors that come to the museum, it has been understood that there are even people in the towns near the museum who have never heard of the name of the museum.  Therefore, we host one municipality and town per month in our museum in a system similar to the one in Ladies’ Day by cooperating with the municipalities.

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There are 19 hill towns in the county of Kaman, which is the gate of Cappadocian history and tourism, some of which are registered and some of which are not registered. Kaman-Kalehöyük, which is in Çağırkan, is the major one among these. Together with this historical heritage, a Japanese garden, which is named Mikosamiya Memorial Garden, the caves and tumulus in Savcılı Büyükoba, Hirfanlı Dam facilities attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The Kalehöyük Archeology Museum opened in 2010.

The shores of Hirfanlı Dam Lake, which is an inland sea 19 km from Kaman, which is in the middle of Ankara, are very convenient for being used as beaches and the lake is suitable for water sports and fishing.  The lake has fresh water and it looks like a sea. The widest area of it is 15 km and it is 70 km long. The dam road is suitable for transportation. The area where there is the dam social facility is a good promenade thanks to its pine trees and scenery. There is a restaurant, club and beach in the facility.

 The big caves in the area that have not been discovered are also seen as important assets in terms of the invigoration of “Cave Tourism”. “Greek Ruins flat settlement area” in the Yenikapan village of the county, “Ömerhacılı Castle”, which was built on the high rocks of the Baran Mountain near the Ömerhacılı town, “Kuş Castle”, which is 3 km from the county of Kaman and “Demirli Churches”, which are on the North of Demirli town are considered among the oldest historical remains of the region.

The grave of famous folk poet Dadaloğlu, who was born in Kozan in 1785, who lived as a nomad in many places and spent the last years of his life in Kaman and then died there in 1876 , is in the Dadaloğlu Culture Park in Ziyarettepe location.  

Famous folk poets such as Dadaloğlu, Muharrem Ertaş, Neşet Ertaş, Şemsi Yastıman, Hacı Taşan and Çekiç Ali were raised in and around Kaman and it is also the homeland of the world-famous Kaman walnut. The other name of Kaman is Yeşil Kaman (Green Kaman).

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When we examine the names of the villages in Kaman, whose foundations were laid by the various tribes of Oguz people, we see that this place has a close connection with the Oguz people. Twenty-four tribes of the Bügüz and Kargan Oguz are included. It is also known that the name “Çağırkan” was among the clan names found in Oguz people.  

Therefore, some sources indicate that the name “Kaman” originated from Shamanism, which was the first religion of the Turks, but there is no certainty about this. However when the meaning of the word is considered, it means “sky”.

Another narration states that this name comes from the Kuman people, which were established after the Hittites, who lived around the Kızılırmak River between 1200-2200 B.C.

The information gathered in the excavations that have been continuing for years in Kaman-Kalehöyük shows that Kaman has hosted different cultures for centuries. 

In Kalehöyük, which is within the boundaries of the town of Çağırkan, which is 8 km from the county of Kaman, findings that were dated to the years 3000 B.C. were uncovered in the excavations that have been carried out since 1986 and settlements were identified from the Old Bronze Age until the Ottoman Period. However it is thought that layers that belong to the Chalcolithic Ages will also be discovered in the works to be continued in the future.  

Kaman became under Anatolian Seljuk State administration after the Malazgirt War of 1071 and it became under the rule of Ottoman Empire in the following periods. After the War of Independence started, the members of Representative Committee came to Kaman together with Ataturk and stayed as guests in the home of Sergeant Bektaşoğlu Ali, who was among the notables of Kaman at that time. The Representative Committee members talked about the bad situation that the country had fallen into and asked for support for the War of Independence. They were met with close interest and support from the people of Kaman and they left Kaman the next day.

When we look at the more recent history, we see that it became a sub-district center and municipality in 1913. It became a county on September 1, 1944. It became connected to Ankara in 1954 as a result of the fact that Kırşehir became a county. After three years Kırşehir became a province and then it became connected to Kırşehir as a county.