Child Training

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Summer school:

General Directorate of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Museums, Kid-Friendly Museums Project launched in 2009 against the children's interest in the project is implemented largely been found in museums. "In parallel with new concepts in the field of Museology, with the concept of lifelong learning to become part of museum education, to create awareness of children, society and history, historical fondly amused, to teach and to use artistic talent and creative forces" Kaman-Kalehöyük archaeological museum with the aim of entertaining for kids held a variety of educational activities.
Another part of the project objectives, the application of summer school transportation museums, indigenous children live at the location of the museum's history, geography, archeology learning, traditions and customs of the region proportional to learn the rules of etiquette and politeness, personal development trainings and summer activities to help children living in areas where very limited areas summers of fun, is to spend efficiently.
Students in summer school courses offered under the project are as follows:

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Theatre Course:
Identified given to children in educational activities, and today is the problem of people from all walks of expression and the lack of self-confidence is a fun way to give our children is one of the important goals. For this reason, both for the children amused that the complete lack of an effective learning tool as well as a practical training period 2011-2012, which we have in our museum theater education.
Our trainer has been provided by the voluntary target of 150 hours of coursework.
Our children learn Hittites and Assyrians living history described in the games.

Teachers' Day:
Since its inception, with the aim of education in our museum, museum education, including teachers, individually and as a volunteer in February 2012 in order to 'Kaman Kalehoyuk Archaeological Museum education campaign under the title of a meeting held the first of this year.
Organized jointly with the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology Kaman District Directorate of Education has undertaken the sponsorship of the meeting.
Once a year, our museum will organize the training activities and the day after that, 'What can educators?' Will try to answer the question.
Winter School
pring break for the first time in 2013, this project is an application for the semester break students. Education, is designed as a five-day. Residing in the region due to Kaman and Akpinar Kaymakamlıklarına made for 20 needy students.
Training topics are as follows:
· Guided Creative Drama and Anatolian Archaeology Kaman-Kalehöyük
· Ceramic
· Seal
· Cuneiform Tablet
· Coin Edition
· Paper Marbling
· Origami
In our museum staff and volunteers from various institutions of education experts assigned topics, both theoretical and practical issues in the given paraphernalia.