Tourism Kırşehir

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Kırşehir, which is the entrance gate of Cappadocia and which has been the stage of various civilizations for thousands of years, attracts attention not only with its historical heritage but also with its natural beauty such as interesting underground cities, rich thermal resources and Seyfe Lake (Bird Sanctuary). Kılıç Arslan, who was one of the famous commanders of the Seljuk State, got the hammam (Turkish bath), which is next to the Karakurt thermal spring in the village of Karalar and which was used as a thermal spring hospital in its time, built in 1135. Aşik (Ashik) Pasha Masoleum, Cacabey School, Suleiman Turkmani Masoleum, Muhterem Hatun Masoleum, Yunus Emre Masoleum, Hacıbey Villa, Ağalar Villa, Bekir Efendiler Villa, Lale Mosque, Kapucu Mosque, Çarşı Mosque are the other works that are worth seeing in the region.

Another important spot to visit in Kırşehir is Kırşehir Museum, which is at the city center.

The most important places of ruins in Kırşehir are Kalehöyük at the center of Kırşehir, Mucur underground city, which was established in the 3rd-4th centuries A.D., Dulkadirli İnli Murat Underground cities, which are thought to belong to 4th-5th centuries A.D., as well as Kaman-Kalehöyük, which is in the Çağırkan town of Kaman.